ARF Western U.S. Central Committee Meets with ARF Central Committees of Iran

ARF Western U.S. Central Committee Meets with ARF Central Committees of Iran

Կարդալ Հայերէն

On December 22, the ARF Western United States of America (ARF-WUSA) Central Committee had an online meeting with the ARF Central Committees of Southern and Northern Iran.

ARF-WUSA Central Committee members Daron Der-Khachadourian, Laura Hakobyan, Viken Babikian, Chris Keosian, Harmik Baghdasarian, Levon Baronian, Zohrab Kahwedjian, Khatchig Tazian and Zareh Ajemian took part in the meeting.

Meeting with the ARF-WUSA Central Committee were Sevan Danielian and Aramik Shahnazarian, representatives of the Central Committee of Northern Iran, along with Vahe Torosian and Varouj Minasian, representative and president of the Central Committee of Southern Iran respectively. Other members of the Southern Iran Central Committee also participated.

During the meeting, the bodies provided each other with information on the organizational situation of the Armenian communities in their respective regions. All sides reaffirmed that in light of current political conditions and realities in Armenia, it is necessary to unite all party efforts, to use all means for the salvation of the homeland and the Armenian people, while emphasizing that those who strive to undermine that unity are doomed to failure.

After the meeting of the Central Committees, an extended meeting was held to which all members of the western region were invited, during which the representatives of the two regions of Iran provided details on the Armenian community of Iran, its organizational life, and its political role in Armenia and the Caucasus.

A direct question and answer session followed immediately after the meeting.


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