Կարդալ Հայերեն

The organizational structure of the Armenian Revolutionary Federation (ARF) consists of meetings and bodies.

The following are the meetings of the ARF:

a. General Meeting of the Chapters
b. Regional Congress/Meeting
c. World Congress or General Meeting

The following are the bodies of the party:

a. Executive Committee of a Chapter
b. Central Committee
c. ARF Bureau

Meetings are higher than bodies. When reporting meetings are convened, the relevant bodies shall resign. In the period between meetings, the leadership of party structures is exercised by the bodies.

The status of party bodies depends on the number of members in the structures they lead. Except for the ARF Bureau, which, being the supreme executive body of the entire organizational structure of the ARF, directs and coordinates the activities of the meetings and bodies of the organizational districts without directly belonging to any structure.

The general meetings decide the strategy of the party for the coming years. The regional meetings decide on the strategy for the coming years of the region they lead. The decisions of the lower meetings may not contradict the spirit and principle of the decisions of the upper meetings. The regions, which are governed by the regional and General Assemblies, as well as the central bodies, have their own internal regulations. Based on the principle of organizational decentralization, the internal regulations comply with the requirements of the specifics of the regions without contradicting the core statutes.

The bodies may establish sub-bodies and subcommittees to implement the resolutions adopted by the meetings. Subcommittees are of a professional nature and can also be formed from ARF members working in non-partisan structures.