Կարդալ Հայերէն

Fellow Armenians,
Today the Armenian cause is entering a new era. For centuries, Western Armenia has been
enserfed and demanding freedom.

It was only yesterday that the Armenian begged with his head bowed for assistance from the
western world. Today he is convinced that placing his hope on others is in vain, and he has vowed to
protect his rights, his being, his honor and his family with his very own hands.

The Armenian people have for centuries lived under Turkish oppression. They have planted and
tended for centuries, only to see the fruits of their labor ravished by their tyrant rulers. Throughout the
centuries they have ruined Armenian sanctities, but the Armenian people have bared it all, bared it with
patience, and have continued to flood their soil with their sweat… It was as if the Armenian people were
willing to show the world that it is possible to bring about freedom through civilized means. Modern
Europe promised to put an end to Turkish plunders in Armenia. However, year passed after year, and
the situation of Armenians in Armenia not only did not improve, but also intensified and has since
become so hellish and unbearable, that even this remarkably patient race is unable to continue its

Patience has its limits however. The intolerable abuses finally awakened Armenians; today, they
have vowed either to die or to be free. And as Erzrum and Constantinople stand boldly in complaint,
Armenians no longer beg, but demand and demand with arms in hand…

Today Europe sees in front of it a complete people, a complete race, which has begun to protect its
human rights.

This race now understands that its power lies within itself. Yesterday’s helpless and patient
Armenian is today a revolutionary.

The forbearer of this revolutionary ideology is the Armenian Revolutionary Federation, who hereby
invites all Armenians to unite under a common flag. Although the Armenian Revolutionary Federation is
newly becoming an organizational entity, its roots are old and experienced through the organizations,
which merged in its creation. The Armenian Revolutionary Federation is going to work on uniting all
forces, bringing together their centers. By setting as its goal the political and economic freedom of
Western Armenia, the Armenian Revolutionary Federation has involved itself in the struggle initiated by
the people themselves against the Turkish regime, vowing to fight until the very last drop of blood in the
name of freedom. Let us all unite with the people, who have raised the flag of freedom. He who does
not follow and turns away from the people is an enemy of the people. And in particular you, the youth,
defenders of ideology always and everywhere, may you unite with your people.

And you, the elderly, may you support and inspire the youth with your wisdom and experience.

And you, the wealthy, may you open up your riches and support those who confront the enemy
with an open chest.

And you, the Armenian woman, may you breed inspiration into this holy cause.

And you, the clergy, may you bless the soldier who fights for freedom.

There is no time to wait.

Let us unite, O’ Armenians and let us bravely advance the holy cause of achieving freedom.