The goal pursued by the Young Turks during the Armenian Genocide was the fulfillment of Pan-Turkism through the physical annihilation of the Armenian people.  A century later, the recent Artsakh war was a testament to the continued pursuit of this plan.

However, just as dangerous and threatening to our nation and state is the execution of pan-Turkism in its non-physical form – especially when other global powers see the benefits they can derive not necessarily through the realization of Pan-Turkism, but by the inherent collapse of our nation.

Through this non-violent variant, there is no evidence of a crime against humanity, because (legally) there is no crime committed.

I am referring to the movement launched more than a decade ago in Armenia, whereby global powers (particularly Soros’s Open Society Foundation) have spent millions of dollars to strip Armenia and her people of their national and cultural values, priorities, and objectives.

This effort to destroy our church, our culture, our heritage and our cause got its wings through the 2018 Pashinyan movement. Foreign powers were able to shoo in an anti-nationalist government that was corrupt enough to engage in a devastating and treacherous war it knew it can’t win, breaking the backbone of our country and people.

The leaders of this very same government are now talking about reconciliation with our centuries old enemies, opening borders and abandoning our righteous demands. The Turks, Azeris and globalists now have a partner to help them achieve their goals.

There should be no doubt that the realization of this plan will essentially turn Armenia into a Turko-Azeri colony and, with time, Armenia will be stripped of everything and anything Armenian.

As the Pashinyan government bulldozes forward on this treacherous path, there are obstacles that stand in their way – namely analytical, critical thinking, and nationalist Armenian people and powers – particularly the globally organized Armenian Revolutionary Federation.

The ARF has always been an obstacle in the anti-Armenian paths of empires, world powers and many governments – all of whom have taken their best shots at destroying the 130-year-old party, because it has protected and defended Armenians the world over, it has preserved our culture, heritage, language, and faith, and continues to be a torch bearer of our righteous demands.

Although all have failed, the current situation in the party’s Western US region is yet another attempt.

Now expelled and banned former leaders of the ARF in the Western US, have declared themselves representatives of the ARF in the region following an election held in violation of the party bylaws, at an unofficial meeting held without quorum.

The leaders of this divide and conquer strategy against the ARF are on a destructive path against the very party and nation they took an oath to defend.

The organization’s bylaws provide various avenues through which members can initiate lawful measures to address any disagreements. Yet, the subject individuals have taken a totally non-compliant course of action. At such a critical time for our nation; at a time when discipline and unity are imperative for all, and especially the ARF, the leaders of this movement aim to paralyze an entire regional organizational unit.

Woe to the leaders of this movement. Woe to the leaders for their futile effort to pierce the great shield of the Armenian nation. Woe to the leaders who aim to manipulate otherwise loyal and dedicated Tashnagtsagans. Woe to those who take advantage of the vulnerable.

At such a fateful time for our people, the sons and daughters of our nation and the ARF must grasp the severity of the situation and rise, resist, and defend – on all fronts.

Vicken Sosikian
April 7, 2021