Central Committee Statement on the Denial of Mourad Papazian’s Entry to Armenia

Կարդալ Հայերէն

The government that has seized power in Armenia added a new “feat” to its list of operations against the nation, when in the early morning hours of July 14, without explanation, it denied entry to Mourad Papazian, a leader of the coordinating body of France’s Armenian organizations and member of the ARF Bureau, and forced him to return to Paris. Our unger had arrived in Yerevan to participate in a meeting of the Bureau and to take part in the ongoing struggle to save the motherland.

This flagrant attack against Mourad Papazian raised a wave of outrage and indignation not only in the entire ARF family of Armenia and the Diaspora, but also the entire Armenian people, because with this act, the regime in Yerevan provided yet the latest proof about its attitudes regarding human rights, law, democracy, basic respect for the opposition and similar fundamental values. In other words, the regime testified that for it, all these things remain mere words and are simply a means of propaganda, primarily aimed at deceiving our people, but also those who watch Armenia from the outside.

Is this attitude unforeseen, unexpected, or surprising? Of course not! This government, especially since the destructive 44-day war, has proven almost daily that it is not just committed to implementing a program that causes damage and destruction to Artsakh, Armenia and the Armenian people, but is also ready to impede the work of any Armenian who stands against their course of state destruction, or does not agree with them. Moreover, the defeatist and tyrannical order of the Soviet era and the first years of re-independence have been fully restored.

In addition to the circumstances of the personal attack against unger Mourad Papazian, we are continually concerned about the bankrupt “politics” of the authorities, who are making concession after concession to the enemy, leading to piecemeal losses of Artsakh and Armenia. We are concerned and echo the voice of our entire ARF family and the voice of honest Armenians, because this action occurs in a context of events that have tragic ramifications. This action is not only a vicious response to the opposition’s ongoing struggle, the goal of which is to awaken Armenians, prevent new losses and strive to return what has been lost, but it is a new blow to democracy itself, basic human and civil rights, and especially to our Cause.

In actuality, unger Mourad Papazian is not just an ordinary individual, a patriot, and a dedicated Armenian, but a person who has persevered for decades in the trenches of pursuit for our fair Cause, actively participating in anti-Turkish movements, and earning the hatred of Turkey and Azerbaijan.

We emphasize that he is not alone in his struggle, but is but one soldier of the ARF, which remains the vanguard and flag bearer for our people and its rights. This attack against the ARF and patriotic Armenians comes at a time when the authorities of Armenia, forgetting the uncompensated costs of the abysmal war — the victims, the prisoners, the confiscation of land, the erasure of the Armenian heritage and other crimes — dreams of friendship with Turkey and Azerbaijan based on illusions, ignoring daily repetition of their hostile and criminal acts, including threats to take over Yerevan.

Moreover, at the very moment when Armenians need restoration of their lost unity and healing of the divisions deepened during the days of this government, this and similar steps prove the true intentions of the authorities.

Finally, it does not escape anyone’s attention that this stance against Armenian interests and a servant of the Armenian Cause by means of the ARF comes at a time when our Hye Tahd committees are working hard so that the United States (and other countries) take punitive, deterrent measures and action against Turkey and Azerbaijan, work that the Armenian government has flagrantly neglected, work where we have registered successes in the recent past and continue currently to do so.

It also should not escape anyone’s attention that with these actions the authorities of Armenia also demonstrate that they are in fact levers of Turkey and Azerbaijan and have, in actuality, become their henchmen.

An ARF member, whether in the rank and file or in a leadership position, is valued for his or her merit, work, and the service he or she has rendered to the nation and our people. It is on this basis that we condemn the intolerance shown towards our unger.

We demand an end to the ruler of Yerevan’s nation-destroying actions, reminiscent of the Soviet era and with similar manifestations from time to time, which only serve to keep his power intact at the expense of our independent statehood.

This is not only an ARF member’s demand, but an all-Armenian prerogative.

Armenian Revolutionary Federation
Western United States of America – Central Committee

Los Angeles
July 15, 2022