Armenian Revolutionary Federation Western United States of America Central Committee Announcement

Կարդալ Հայերէն

Dear Compatriots,

A year ago, on November 9, 2020, the infamous capitulation announcement was signed in Moscow by Armenia’s Prime Minister.

On this occasion, we bow to the memory of the thousands of our martyrs of the 44-day war. We honor and pay tribute to the heroic deeds of all our disabled, wounded, and missing soldiers, and at the same time reaffirm our demands to the Armenian authorities to not spare any effort to secure the return of all the Armenian POW (prisoners of war) illegally held by Azerbaijan.

The reprehensible and treacherous step taken by the “Civil Contract” led government on November 9 last year, which can be considered the worst catastrophe in our recent history, is compounded by the fact that the enemy Azerbaijan did not even respect those defeatist terms, due to the inexplicable and increasingly treasonous stances adopted by official Yerevan since then. The unpatriotic behavior of the incompetent government of the Republic of Armenia continued in Syunik as well, putting it under serious threat of being cut off from the country.

Today, we have not only lost 10,000 square kilometers of our homeland, but we are also in serious danger of losing our statehood as a nation.

This danger can only be neutralized by united RESISTANCE. It is only through popular resistance that we can save our statehood from this danger, which comes from both our country’s anti-national “Civil Contract” authorities and external forces, Turkey and Azerbaijan, our nation’s primary enemies.

We call on the Armenians living in the Western United States to respond to this grave threat, to unite around the agenda of saving our statehood, and to participate in the initiatives here and in Armenia, until our homeland can be protected against these and future similar dangers.

Armenian Revolutionary Federation Western United States of America
Central Committee
November 8, 2021
Los Angeles