ARF Western U.S. Central Committee New Year’s Announcement

ARF Western U.S. Central Committee New Year’s Announcement

Կարդալ Հայերէն

2022 must be the year we strengthen our commitment to justice and our principles

As 2021 comes to an end we find ourselves reflecting on the great difficulties we have faced as a nation and community. We start by bowing our heads to our martyred soldiers, defenders of Armenia’s and Artsakh’s freedom and our countrymen who have fallen victim to continued aggression by the sworn enemies of our people, Turkey and Azerbaijan. We stand firm on Artsakh’s rights to independence and self-determination. We also continue our call for the return of all Armenian Prisoners of War (POWs) and will not stop until they are all safely home with their families. We also pay tribute to the resilience of our many communities globally who have continued to experience great upheaval, such as our brothers and sisters in the Middle East, especially in Lebanon.

The greatest disappointment for all of us in the past year has been the failed regime of Prime Minister Pashinyan and his endless capitulations to the enemies of Armenia, without a shred of accountability for their war crimes and crimes against humanity. Pashinyan’s most recent indications of capitulation being that of Artsakh’s rights, which is a sign of his intentions in the year ahead.

We have also not been immune in our own communities in the Western United States as we continue to face down challenges from an on-going pandemic while trying to regain some footing so our institutions can serve the community. There have also been immense disappointments within our community as some have lost their compass, putting self before community and nation.

The coming year of 2022 must be the year we reassert our commitment to justice for our people and defend our principles against threats, whether they be in our back yard or in the homeland. 2022 must be the year we stand resolute to our sacred ideals, which are foundational to the ARF, and not be compromised by those who want to weaken us by dividing the diaspora within itself or from its homeland. This is the year where we must rise to the challenges and show the world that as Armenians we will not be brought to our knees but rather move forward based on the principles of Khrimian Hayrig’s Iron Ladle. The ARF Western U.S. Central Committee stands firm in its pursuit of this noble cause for our people and we are confident, that with unity, our community will accomplish all its goals.

Armenian Revolutionary Federation, Western U.S., Central Committee

Los Angeles, California