Dear Compatriots:

Armenia is in a difficult and dangerous situation. The existence of the state is endangered because during the past three years the ruling regime seems to have deliberately weakened the state structures of the Republic of Armenia. And in the days of the war, because of the incompetent and treacherous governance of this regime and its leader Nikol Pashinyan, we suffered very heavy human and territorial losses. We had tens of thousands of martyrs and wounded, and we lost about 25% of our homeland – almost the size of Lebanon.

In this situation, a group of political forces – including the ARF – concerned with the fate of the country and state are trying to save what can still be saved. In this effort, as a force to prevent the collapse of the state, the role of the ARF is key.

And in these very days, when the ARF and especially its organizational unit in Armenia are fully committed to the critical work of saving the homeland, the Western US region is being confronted by a group with monopolistic and separatist aspirations.

The pronouncement published by the ARF Bureau on March 8, 2021 explained the situation in detail. Our organizational structure and procedures have endowed us with clear, and proven to be effective, mechanisms to resolve internal misunderstandings and disagreements. Our 130 years of vitality is the best testament to this. We forgo getting into further details.

However, we want one thing to be clear both to our people and to friendly – as well as enemy – forces who bear an interest in the fate of Armenia and Armenians and accordingly declare:

1.- We are well aware that the past is being repeated. Every time the national security of Armenia is endangered or when turning point circumstances have been created for the Armenian nation, strikes are blown against the ARF at that very moment – so that it cannot fully fulfill its role of resisting and defending, because it has always pursued the total interests of our nation and homeland. That was the case during the days of the Artsakh liberation struggle, when persecution was unleashed against the ARF by the Levon Ter Petrosyan regime. That was the case during the days of the capture of the Police Patrol Service Regiment building – accompanied by a propaganda campaign against the ARF. That was the case three years ago, during the regime change movement led by Nikol Pashinyan, that also aimed at weakening the ARF so that in the future it would not be in the condition to resist against the defeatist measures of the regime.

2.- Today the strike is directed to the ARF Western US region, because in the Diaspora it is the organizational unit with the greatest potential to play a significant role in the efforts to save the homeland.

3.- With its programmatic-ideological principles and its political purpose, the ARF continues to remain as the defender of Armenia’s and Armenians’ total interests – and in no case has it ever retreated. And today in Western USA, and everywhere, we remain steadfast in this position.

No foreign power and no foreign influence can deviate us from our national role, in Armenia or in the Diaspora.

4.- Most importantly – we call on all those who have, willingly or unwillingly, taken part in the attempts to weaken us, to reflect on their wrong course; to realize that the only beneficiaries of a weakened ARF are the enemies of our nation and homeland (namely Baku and Ankara), and to promptly renounce from their wrong path.

We assure everyone that we, as the ARF Western USA Central Committee, remain firm and uncompromising in our positions as a defender of our homeland and state.

Armenian Revolutionary Federation
Western USA Central Committee
April 5, 2021