Message on the Occasion of the 107th Anniversary of April 24

Կարդալ Հայերէն

Today we mark the 107th anniversary of the first genocide of the 20th century, perpetrated against the Armenian people. We bow our heads in remembrance to the one and a half million martyrs and stand once again to renew our commitment to remain faithful to the memory of the victims and to thank all the countries of the world that have recognized the great Armenian tragedy.

The recognition of the fact of the genocide committed against the Armenian people is gradually gaining new sincerity in many countries, which were very indifferent to our inalienable cause in the past. Today, the expansion of that circle has formed a greater contingent, led by the United States, whose president officially recognized the Armenian Genocide a year ago. In light of these developments in recent years, we believe that through reparation alone can our people achieve their just demands.

The inhumane atrocities committed against the Armenian people remain unpunished and the Turkish state refuses to face the dark pages of its history. Moreover, our heroic people in Artsakh face the danger of a new genocide by the Turkish-Azerbaijani alliance.

The current situation in Artsakh and the rapidly evolving events in the region inevitably require all Armenians to be vigilant to prevent further attacks on the civilian population of Armenia and the Armenians of Artsakh that seek to prevent them from maintaining their existence and self-determination.

A century after the Armenian Genocide, the international community has not yet taken a clear position. In other words, it has not taken practical action regarding the freedom-loving peoples who continue their just struggle for a sovereign, free and peaceful life.  

Until then, the Armenian people in Armenia and the Diaspora will continue their struggle for the protection of their full rights and the restoration of justice, until final victory.We are united with the organizations of the Armenian community of Los Angeles, this year as well, to raise our voice and demand the just rights of our people.

In veneration of all the martyrs of the Armenian people,

SDHP Western United States Executive Board

ARF Western United States Central Committee

ADL Western United States Regional Executive

April 24, 2022