Կարդալ Հայերէն

We have learned from media reports that Mrs. Anna Hakopyan, Prime Minister Pashinyan’s wife, has arrived in Los Angeles today.

Mrs. Hakopyan is a representative of Prime Minister Pashinyan’s failed diplomacy, his cowardly behavior in dealing with our enemy, his repressive actions towards his opposition, his divisive and threatening approaches in dealing with the citizens of Armenia and Armenians in the Diaspora, his inability to return our captive and missing soldiers, his failures in dealing with the post-war humanitarian crisis, his lies to our people before, during and after the war, his deceit in secretly signing away our lands and our rights, his destructive management of the war that led to thousands of lost lives, and – in effect – his defense and execution of Azerbaijani agendas.

We would like to send a clear message to Mrs. Hakopyan, who has arrived in our community unannounced and for unknown reasons:

You are not welcome here Mrs. Hakopyan.

Armenian Revolutionary Federation
Western United States
Central Committee