ARF Western United States Central Committee Announcement

կարդալ Հայերէն

Dear Compatriots,

You are aware from the media that on Tuesday, November 16, 2021, at 1pm (local time), Azerbaijan launched a new attack on Armenia, inside the Syunik region. The clashes stopped around 6:30 pm in the evening due to Russian mediation. The Armenian army has casualties and new prisoners. The enemy also has casualties, but unfortunately, it has occupied an area of 41 square kilometers of RA territory.

We strongly condemn this new Azerbaijani aggression against the sovereign Republic of Armenia.

It is also the reality that even official Armenian sources are providing contradictory numbers. There is complete anarchy in the field of information, which once again shows the incompetency of these authorities.

For almost a year now, the ARF Dashnaktsutyun has been demanding the resignation of the person holding the post of Prime Minister, in order to save the country from new disasters. Unfortunately, nearly every day our predictions come true and the dangerous developments of November 16th are the latest proof of that.

The Armenian Revolutionary Federation Western United States Central Committee calls on the members of our community:

1) To remain vigilant and ready for any development.

2) For directives and announcements please visit the addresses below.

3) In this state of affairs, the Armenian National Committee of America (ANCA) is pursuing legislation inside Congress to limit or block military and other assistance to our enemy, Azerbaijan.

Every community member should take urgent action in this regard, by following the ANCA’s Action Alerts. Please see the urgent action alerts attached.

All members of our community must always remain ready and vigilant. Each of us has work to do to protect Armenia. Now is the time for work.

ARF Western United States Central Committee

Los Angeles, November 17, 2021