ARF Western United States Announcement

Կարդալ Հայերէն

Dear Compatriots in the Western United States,

Armenia continues to be in a state of internal crisis as a result of its seemingly pro-Turkish authorities.

These authorities, who have become beggars of false peace in front of the outside world, have not only severely degraded the dignity of the Armenian state, but also pose new dangers to the national security of the country.

For this reason, we face a national threat posed by our enemies, Turkey and Azerbaijan. A few days ago, in Uruguay, Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu’s latest gesture was a characteristic signal of this Turkish threat. 

Given this situation, the opposition in Armenia, with the active participation of the Armenian Revolutionary Federation is firmly committed to the agenda of removing these genocidal authorities, in order to stop the subversion of the nation and save it from certain destruction. 

The Armenian Revolutionary Federation Western United States of America Central Committee fully supports the efforts of our organization and the opposition in Armenia, and has initiated activities directed toward sharing information and raising awareness about the situation. We call on our compatriots in the Western United States to take part in all possible efforts to save the nation.

Let us unite our forces and capabilities, let us stop the destruction of our nation.

Armenian Revolutionary Federation Western United States of America Central Committee